When my mother was first diagnosed with lung cancer, I did what anyone would. I read everything I could get my hands on about cancer. I came away with far more questions than I did answers.

She went into hospital the same day she was diagnosed, giving me plenty of opportunities to question nurses and to try to talk to the oncologist. No one wanted to tell me much. I got the type of cancer off her chart and pressured the oncologist to tell me what stage it was and if it had spread. When I learned it was a stage 4 cancer, I knew it wasn’t good.

I’d read about the stages of cancer, the type of cancer, the prognosis. Not one of those things told me anything I wanted to hear. Instead, I started to look for a miracle.

I started digging through the dodgiest websites you can imagine because frankly, the credible ones gave me no hope.

I read about a man who cured himself by maintaining a diet of nothing but blueberries in various forms. From memory, it was a long, diary-style account. At the end there was a post script from his daughter that the cancer had returned (I’m not sure it ever left) and he had died. Another account was someone who did nothing but sleep and sleep until they were “cured”. I read about additives, chemicals, miracle juices. I read that sugar caused cancer, fed cancer, spread cancer. That cancer was really a fungus. That probiotics and organic foods were essential.

My rational mind went out the window. I grasped at anything. I bought mum organic shampoo free of SLS because it might help to limit her exposure to anything that MIGHT cause or exacerbate cancer. I tried to get her to eat more yoghurt. I wondered how to get her to drink blueberry juice. At one point, the hospital allowed her to come home. I dragged my Dad to the shops and filled his trolley with expensive organic produce and groceries. Like most people who are that ill, she couldn’t eat more than a mouthful of what I’d cooked for dinner. The next day she passed away.

Rationality returned after a while. I can clearly see now that I would have tried almost anything to save my Mum. But organic food and expensive shampoo and juices? They were never going to cut it.

belle gibson

Belle Gibson in May 2013, at a protest rally. This was just before her initial wave of success and while still apparently living with an aggressive brain tumour. Source: Supplied.


With all that in mind, reading about the rise and fall of “health and wellness” blogger Belle Gibson has been pretty interesting. Her initial story of terminal cancer captured the attention of literally thousands of people. She developed The Whole Pantry, billed as the world’s first health, wellness and lifestyle app, which was immensely popular. She was in glossy magazines, had released a book, been on television and she had a following on social media of literally hundreds of thousands of people.  Her app, The Whole Pantry, was promoted by Apple, who wanted it to be a first-wave launch app for their new watch.

Gibson’s cancer appeared to be well under control, despite having been told she had mere weeks to live. She told her followers she had turned away from conventional medicine when it could no longer help her. Instead, she began a “clean eating” regimen among other alternate therapies. That didn’t stop this cancer from returning, now and then, but the ever inspirational Belle Gibson wasn’t going to let that stop her.


Belle Gibson

From Gibson’s Instagram account and archived here.

I can absolutely appreciate the idea of looking for other options if conventional medicine can’t help you anymore. Although it hasn’t happened to me personally, I know how I felt when I learned my Mum was dying. Although I never discouraged her from conventional treatment, I looked into some weird and wacky stuff to try and support her through it, because what if, just maybe, it worked? We had nothing to lose.

It is easy to see why Gibson and other alternative health bloggers, like the late Jess Ainscough, had or have such a following. People want to be healthy. They want to prevent illness. And if they, or someone they love, are already ill- they want a cure. A promise of a chance. Health returned, disease banished and as easy as a bucket of organic juice per day. None of that nasty chemo with all it’s side effects and misery. In Ainscough’s case, she was faced with a horrible choice. Doctors wanted to cut off her arm. I can see why she looked for an alternative. Initially, Ainscough was as much a victim of dodgy health blogs and websites as anyone else before her. Then she joined their ranks. I don’t know if there is any way to measure the damage she may have caused in swaying others from conventional therapies. I know it appears to have cost her her own mother before she herself passed away. The idea that others may have become sicker or died because they listened to Jess Ainscough and not to doctors makes me immeasurably sad however it is evident that she practiced what she preached and believed it, born out of a real desire to heal herself, which is probably a small consolation to many.

This is where Gibson differs because as many suspected, she now admits that she never actually had cancer. She spoke to the media about it this week.

I spoke to a former friend of hers, who told me she had known for some time that the cancer claims were a lie. She told me that some among Gibson’s friends knew about this and a number of other lies. My source explained that Belle Gibson was interested in only what she could gain. I’ve seen speculation in the media that perhaps she is mentally ill. Perhaps she has Munchausen’s Syndrome. My source does not believe Gibson is mentally ill. My source believes she is a “catfish”, a liar who conjured her cancers “out of thin air to gain anything she could, whether it was roses at a hospital for heart surgery, meals and organic veggies, money, or just to bask in the sympathies of others”. Couple this with the fact that donations she solicited never reached their recipients and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

Belle Gibson is a prime example of why you shouldn’t trust a blogger with your life. She has no qualifications yet advised people on health (Hot tip- if you want to provide medical advice a qualification in the field is always a good start!).  Gibson spoke not just on eating well but also spruiked alternative therapies she claimed could treat cancer, offering herself as some kind of proof of a successful therapy for a disease she didn’t even have.

I’ve never been diagnosed with cancer but I can tell you that it has impacted my life and the lives of my family in an enormous way. I know what it is to grasp for hope where hope seems impossible. I know what it is to search and search for a way, for any way, to stave off the inevitable. What Belle Gibson has done is despicable. She has lied to thousands, given health advice she isn’t qualified to provide based on a “cancer journey” she’s never been on. She even blamed her fictional cancer on the HPV vaccine and reportedly urged others not to vaccinate their families.

As I said previously, there’s no way to measure the damage that has been done by all this. Many people are feeling ripped off and angry, wanting refunds and wanting answers. One actual cancer survivor, Yvonne Hughes, has penned an eloquent yet furious response to the situation.

I read this part of Gibson’s interview:

“In the last two years I have worked every single day living and raising up an online community of people who supported each other … I understand the confusion and the suspicion, but I also know that people need to draw a line in the sand where they still treat someone with some level of respect or humility — and I have not been receiving that.”

And I could barely contain my disbelief. This is from a person who told the world not only that she had cancer, more than once, but that she had cured it. This is from a person who profited from her claims, over and over. I don’t wish her any ill; in fact, I hope she gets herself some serious help. But now is not the time for her to complain about not receiving enough respect. On top of the fraud and the false hope she gave out with unqualified and inaccurate medical advice, she should know that it is not respectful to lie about having cancer. I can’t help but mentally wind back the clock to when my Mum was dying and to remember the desperation I felt and the constant scouring online to see if there was some possibility, some remote chance of hope.

Belle Gibson feels she’s not getting enough respect? Cry me a fucking river.


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  • LydiaCLee

    It will be interesting to see if lawsuits follow, where people died because of her lies, or even fraudulent misrepresentation suit from Apple because what they invested in wasn’t real.
    On the other issue, I don’t get it at all. Why would you lie, so much. To be making up doctors appointments, the waiting, the anxiety and so on. It’s like the woman that killed her son. I just don’t get it. You need attention that much? I really can’t compute it. But also, how did none of her friends know? Or was she telling them that too?

    • I don’t understand either. All the money and fame in the world could not convince me that living a tenuous existence based on lies was worthwhile.

  • Brilliant post Amy.

  • She has some serious problems. What a terrible thing to do. The irony is, she’d possibly have pulled off a successful blog without the fake illnesses and lying. Always choose the honest path! Sorry about your Mum too, that’s a lot to take. x

    • That’s right- whole food and eating well is so popular- she didn’t need fake cancer to sell it!

  • My favourite part of the interview was the “I didn’t have any toys”. Seriously?

    • I know. she might well have had a rough childhood- though it’s hard to believe anything she says- but you can only blame that for so much!

  • Amy this is brilliant. Very powerful. I think Belle Gibson should be charged with fraud. She prayed on vulnerable people who were willing to try anything to save their lives. She’s a monster.

    • Thanks so much!
      I agree- she should be held to account.

  • I think you hit the nail on the head. People affected by a terminal illness are just desperately seeking hope. That’s why they dismiss sound medical sites – there’s very little hope to be found there – and gravitate towards figures like Gibson. She took advantage of people at their most vulnerable. It is despicable and I don’t care how rough her childhood was.

    • Thanks Cosette- I agree. I can’t see how a rough childhood=fake cancer. It’s quite a leap.

  • TeganMC

    I don’t know how she lives with herself. I honestly don’t know how she feels justified in what she did. I also hate that there are some people who think she needs to be left alone because she just made a mistake. She potentially killed people. If a medical practitioner is going responsible for someone’s death we don’t just say whoops you made a mistake, no big deal. So really, how is this any different? I sincerely hope she seeks psychiatric help because I do believe she is either a sociopath or has narcissistic personality disorder.

    • She may have NPD, I’ve seen that mentioned- I wonder if we’ll ever know?

  • What she did was unforgivable and she needs to be held accountable. It’s fraud! I do think she needs help and really do hope she receives this help, but right now all I can think about is the people who believed her and trusted her. So sad. So wrong.

    • I hope at the least they recover the charity money.

  • Lara at This Charming Mum

    I’m so sorry about your mum. And yes, this story is amazing. I find it particularly difficult to understand how she wasn’t exposed as a fraud earlier in this day and age when everything is so public. I was a fan of the app, although not to ‘cure’ anything in particular. It’s very sad for anyone who looked at her as a sign of hope in desperate circumstances.

    • Thank you Lara. It is amazing that not one person checked out or verified her claims- not one magazine, website, tv show, book publisher or technology giant actually made sure she was telling the truth. Were they blinded by charisma and a pretty face or just never thought anyone would do something as low as lying about multiple cancers?

  • Marissa Parsons

    Her comments about not receiving respect pissed me right off too. To get a little, you need to give a lot. And she has no respect. Just lies and greed.

    It’s pretty poor form that she is not being charged with fraud. I guess though, she is young, pretty, and excellent at playing the victim.

    • I actually saw someone say recently that part of her success can be blamed on a patriarchal society- because she is young and pretty she was given for more attention and less skepticism than she would have been if she were 40 and overweight. Might be some truth in that.

  • Dianne Childs

    She is absolutely unbelievable. It’s hard to even put into words all the damage she’s done and I really hope she’s charged and held accountable.

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • Hugzilla

      Thank you Di for summing up my thoughts without resorting to the very, very unsavoury language I would have required.

    • I hope she is still being investigated. The fraud alone is terrible but just thinking of the potential damage caused turns my stomach.

  • Amen to that. I cannot believe that she has asked for respect. I can see how this hit a chord with you and am sorry for the loss of your mum to such a hideous disease.

    • Thanks Malinda, I really appreciate your words.

  • Women like Belle give bloggers a bad name and then the media label us all as people who are just trying to give out unsolicited advice. I would never advise anyone on health issues (and if I ever write about my own experiences I usually link to appropriate agencies or put a disclaimer to talk to their own dr). I think what she’s done is truly despicable and unfortunately she doesn’t seem to feel much remorse.

    • That’s it Toni- she displayed a total lack of integrity and opened up many genuine bloggers to derision and distrust. So not cool.

  • What happened with your mum must have been heartbreaking. I can imagine your desire to find something that would change the course of the disease (my mum has been a heavy smoker for nearly 50 years, so I live in dread). I have 2 cousins, both with very small girls (3 and 6) with cancers, who must watch the toxic chemicals being poured into their babies, and wonder what it will do to them, as their hair and even their teeth fall out. How vulnerable are the desperately ill, to be preyed upon so by the likes of Belle Gibson? She never even offered any contrition, and she speaks of humility? I hope that she gets some help too.

    • I think most people faced with losing someone try to explore every option, which is why I get so fired up over the amount of false hope peddled online. I’m sorry for your cousin’s children, how devastating. I hope they will be okay. I still miss mum every day. She tried to quit smoking a few times but never quite got there.

  • So much effort went into the lies. I think she knew what she was doing. I diagnose greed. A massive fall from grace but I also feel for her too. To be so driven by greed to lie and influence those living in hell because of cancer. I hope she gets the help she needs and more importantly has support around her to help her through this mess. And for the people who were conned I hope that there were no deaths as a result of her advice. I’d love to know if her tummy twisted at night as she spun her web of lies? As for your mum, I’m devastated for you to have gone through that. Losing a mum is heartbreaking but it’s worse when it’s so sudden. I really enjoyed this post. Xx

    • Totally agree. I do feel for her. She invested so much into the lies and it is an enormous fall and must feel terrible. But at the same time it’s clearly a lesson she sorely needed to learn. And thank you for your kind words about my Mum xx

  • This make me so sad and angry. No one should play with hope when it comes to family and friends with cancer. This is such a great post on the insights from someone who has been there. I’m sorry to hear about your mum. The experience of having a loved one with cancer is something you wouldn’t want to wish on your worst enemy. But Belle – agree cry me a river (love this line). She started this and what did she expect when she was found out?

    • Thank you Caroline.
      I think lying about cancer and taking it as far as Belle did is just so appalling- I can’ believe she expected people to just accept her confession without a word of reproach!

  • I’m so sorry about your mum, such an awful thing to watch someone you love go through.
    On Belle, well I don’t now her but the fact that she has still not actually made an apology but has still turned it around on the people who she has hurt, I just feel that she’s a total narcissist and that the catfishing is a game for her.
    it’s so awful that her “game” has such potentially dire consequences for others.

    • Thanks Lila.
      The lack of apology or any real remorse is really shameful.

  • I do wonder if the medical community will ever learn to include their patients properly in their own health – that’s something that we struggle with.
    Hubby’s new GP told him never to Google anything – yeah right! Maybe if we hadn’t been on an unknown journey for years then we wouldn’t do our own research. But we don’t just trust doctors, we match symptoms to ideas and ask for medical tests & opinions because GPs don’t know everything. We do our best to force it to be a two way discussion.
    I felt a bit insulted when we were told not to look anything up – thank you very much but as much as we want answers, we also use logic (let alone I am a researcher by training). I wonder if doctors just assume all patients are dumb or desperate (or whatever) and will fall for any scam artist on the internet.
    I think the more doctors involve patients in their health, the less space will exist in the world for people to fall victim to misinformation online.

  • Cancer – it doesn’t just affect the patients, it affects whole families. I know you know that, Amy. Anyone whose lives have been touched by cancer will have learned this the hard way. I’m so sorry about your mum. I can’t begin to imagine your loss, but I canimagine how you felt when you wanted to find hope. When I got my diagnoses, I would have sucked camel poo through a straw if it would have made my cancer go away. I just wanted to get it out of me. I just wanted to live. I would have done anything that meant I didn’t have to die. The fact that Belle Gibson lied about having cancer is insulting enough, to anyone who has had to face their own cancer battle or sit by and watch someone they love suffer from that hideous disease. The fact that she then preyed on people who were at their most vulnerable, physically and emotionally, looking for hope, looking for a way to keep living, is utterly disgusting. Not only did she mislead them but she profited from them too. Cancer made me ill and stuffed up my body, but man, that Belle Gibson she makes me sick. Cancer is a bitch. But you know what? So is karma. I really hope Belle is held accountable and that justice is served.

    • Thank goodness camel poo is not a treatment for anything! In all seriousness, I can imagine how someone who has been through what you have must feel to read about this- it is sickening. I’m glad you are well again and thank you for your kind words too xx

  • I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your Mum to cancer. I lost my Dad too and it’s a hideous, hideous disease. I don’t feel for Belle at all but I do hope that she is getting some help for whatever her real illness is and I hope that somebody with sense is looking after her child. I really loved your post and so well written on clearly an emotive topic.

    • Thank you Vicki and I’m sorry about your Dad too.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your mum. I had no idea. As for Belle Gibson, I’m all for a healthy lifestyle and regularly try lots of alternative things and a lot of them have worked for me, but to recommend against working with doctors in the case of a terminal illness is utter recklessness and I don’t like the bad name it’s given people who are genuinely trying to encourage a balanced, healthy approach to healthy living. Although, I do feel a little bit sorry for her. I did some pretty stupid things when I was younger. Bah. Thank you for the post

    • Thank you Bele. I do feel sorry for her, despite how angry her actions have made me.

  • This story unfolding has just been incredible. It’s so hard to imagine a person could do that.

  • She wants respect??? WTF?! I haven’t been personally touched by cancer but I am sure people who have had cancer or had a family member suffer through it like you have, would be even more angry than I am. This is someone making money out of people’s lives. I don’t think it’s Munchausen’s. I’m leaning towards a personality disorder — as you said, she seems to thrive on the attention and the ‘gifts’ and even in the end, after admitting to lying, she seems to show no insight whatsoever into her behaviours and demands respect. I seriously hope she gets charged with fraud as they’ve been saying on the news and is held responsible for all that she’s done.

    • I read a comment online from someone who has a mental illness who is fed up with people behaving poorly and blaming mental illness for it when they clearly know right from wrong. It was an interesting perspective, that’s for sure.

  • I cannot believe how far she took it! No, scratch that, I cannot believe she started the whole disgrace in the first place!! As you pointed out, she asks to be treated with respect in her latest interview, but where was her respect for everyone who has experienced their own personal cancer journey. Where was her respect for those who are currently battling cancer & were ‘advised’ to stop conventional cancer treatments & embrace a more holistic approach. Where was her respect for their health & life expectancy!

    • I know- she built a huge following. Hundreds of thousands of people and how many were really suffering cancer?

  • Amy

    I can’t fathom how she could possibly expect people to respect her. It still sounds like she doesn’t think she done anything wrong, which leads to the fact that she is obviously mentally unstable. I hope she is able to get help for her problems but she also needs to be made accountable for her actions.

    • It must be hard to acknowledge for her- such a huge thing.

  • I can see how this would affect you after going through a cancer journey with your mother. I am sorry for you loss and as for Belle I really don’t know what to say.

  • The level of her greed is just revolting and it must have taken a lot of thinking to put together such an elaborate story. I’m really hoping that the people who were taken in have since realized and are now on the right track. I know how you’ll grab at any hope when a loved one’s life is in the balance.
    I’m so sorry about your mum, Amy.
    I’m pretty sure there’s lots more to come out about this story.

    • Thanks Lisa. I agree- it’s quite a puzzle and we’ve yet to see all the pieces.

  • I can’t comprehend now she could do this and be such a blatant liar. She has lost all credibility forever. No one is got give her the time of day anymore. She knew exactly what she was doing..if she didn’t, then she should have.. I watched my Uncle pass away last year from bowel cancer and that was just awful, I feel for you losing your mum, nothing is harder than losing a parent. Xxx

    • She really has lost all credibility. I’m sorry for your uncle and I know you know how hard it is to lose a parent too- it’s a hard club to be a part of xx

  • This woman makes me so angry! The worst part is that people who ACTUALLY have cancer may have stopped their treatments that might have actually worked to try her FAKE treatment. I cant believe someone can be so manipulative and greedy. I hope she is now seeking treatment for the obviously psychological problems she has so she can’t cause this kind of harm to anyone else.

    • I sincerely hope no one did take her advice- but with so many followers, it seems unlikely

  • A great post. This must have been hard for you to process and write given what happened with your mum. That must have been fucking AWFUL. So sorry to hear. And sorry that Belle Gibson may have led hopeful cancer sufferers and their families up the wrong path, what a painful disappointment for them t realise she is a phony.

    • Thank you- it was a bit hard to write but I needed to say it, you know? I hope anyone mislead by her has gotten some real help if needed!

  • Yes! That quote from her got me too. How dare she complain about the backlash she has received. How dare she feel hard done by. How dare she make a mockery of the pain and anguish so many experience with this horrible disease and its many forms. She deserves everything she gets really.

    • It’s like she expects people to just move on and not say a word!

  • This is a gut wrenching situation. Thank you for writing so well on an incredibly emotive tpic. Jx

  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    Surely she will be charged with fraud? What she has done is misleading and deceptive and is an insult to everyone who has been touched by cancer. I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum too Amy xx

    • Apparently the investigation was dropped? I’m not too sure what is going on there. And thanks Tash, appreciate your words.

  • I’d feel much like you if a loved one had cancer. Organic food alongside chemo couldn’t hurt, right? Nothing to lose. But you’ve summed up my thoughts on the belle situation well. You need to HAVE humility dickhead, not request it when your web of lies implodes.

    • Absolutely. A good diet can only benefit anyone going through treatment- but it’s not a treatment in itself! And a little humility would go a long way for her, I agree!

  • I only hope that those who were taking her lead / advice / whatever you want to call it, go and get some proper advice and treatment for their cancer, and help themselves whilst they still can xx

  • This whole situation is bambulasling – and her cry for respect is laughable.

  • Lisa Heidke

    An articulate and informative post. So sorry to hear about your mum. My mum had endometrial cancer last year (thankfully all good now) and I remember as she was undergoing operations and then radiation treatment, I’d scour the internet searching for miracles because that’s what you do when you’re desperate and devastated that you might lose people you love. I can very much relate to everything you have written in this post. Thank you.

    • Thank you. Glad to hear your mum is okay now.

  • Money Mummy

    This is a great post on the topic. I am constantly amazed at what con artists will do. How they live with themselves I do not know. I hope she is held accountable for her actions as surely she understood some of the potential consquences of her lies.

  • This story – I kind of can’t deal with it. What she did was utterly reprehensible. Absolutely and utterly … but … I am also so worried for her with the level of public interest this is generating. I find myself wishing there was a way she could be held to account (because she should) without the sheer hatred and anger that is going her way. I do understand the hatred and anger … but also know that at the end of the day, she is still a person. A very troubled person clearly

    • This is true Kelly- she is still a person. I get what you mean but at the same time I feel that people who were taken in by her may have made choices based on the hope she offered and the results could have been disatrous- so the anger is justified and although it will be hard for her she did earn that. This is potentially life and death stuff, you know? Hopefully she is being helped to cope with it because as a human being, she deserves that much. But she did make her bed. She is clearly troubled and she should recieve help for that but a dose of humility and remorse would go a good way towards alleviating some of the anger diected towards her. She has a part to play in how she is percieved.

      • For sure. And I can definitely see that the AWW interview where she tried to shift blame from herself instead of owning it is making it very hard for people to feel any empathy for her.

  • The whole Belle G thing is just… awful. Jess Ainscough I feel gave some pretty dubious advice. Other wellness bloggers? I don’t know, I feel torn. Though I think anyone who takes medical advice from a blogger should really go for a reality check, I think to stifle the stories would be a disservice.

    One of the rebuttals to Belle and Jess was written by an oncologist. He threw them AND HIS PATIENTS under bus and said it’s “only popular because I don’t have time to talk about the things they want answers to” because he is a big important person with too little time to address very valid concerns of sick people. His whole tone implied if you ask questions you’re bothering him with your uselessness. Ugh.

    I’ve heard many stories of people who’ve had no answers from the medical profession and found them in a blog. Vast majority have cottoned onto symptoms matching their own and gone back to their doctor to request tests. I think doctors should always, always be kept in the loop- but research isn’t always bad, even if it’s just an anecdotal story. The question is, how do we a) keep these stories accurate and b) stress the need for it to be a starting point in research and a working relationship with your doctor, instead of either/or?

    • I read that, I think, but I didn’t get the same tone. I just did a google but can’t find it- it wasn’t the one written by David Gorski was it? I’d appreciate a link if you have it so I can re-read. From memory, I took it quite differently- not that they are too important to answer questions but that they are just too busy. It can’t be an easy job by any stretch and I imagine it’s very hard to deal with terminal patients constantly.
      Yes, anyone taking health advice from a blogger needs a reality check, however the point I’m mkaing is that sometimes reality offers little to no hope so we search for the answers we want to hear and false hope might help in the short term but also leads to a bitter fall when reality crashes in.
      Stories are fine and good- but anecdotes are not evidence as we all should know. There’s nothing wrong with taking them on board and asking questions- not at all- but as you say- the dr should be in the loop and my issue is that *some* bloggers (Jess Ainscough was one too) tell their followers that they don’t need doctors- that food or coffee enemas or homeopathy or essential oils can cure them. We know this isn’t the case with serious illness. Safe complementary therapies have their place- false claims, disproved treatments and snake oil salesmen shouldn’t.

  • Well said. her deceit makes me feel sick, she is due no respect whatever.

  • Grace

    Whether it’s mental illness or not, it’s all so over the top unbelievable! But you hit the nail on the head – people want to hear the answers or the “truth” that suits them and there are so many liars out there who are willing to give them exactly what they want to hear.

  • You must be furious with this chick after what happened to your Mum.

    I must admit that I only heard about this on the news and haven’t read the whole story, but I think I do get the jist of it…….she said she had cancer, sucked others in, and then told everyone she was lying. She needs to go to jail really….what a stupid bitch!

    This post is good, well done :). xo

  • bec

    Nailed it. I knew something was off, and I am just horrified for anyone who followed her advice. I hope there is more awareness around creditations nowadays and she doesn’t have anything else to do with my life at all!

  • Smoothie Spoonie

    Thank you for sharing your story, I’m sorry to hear about your mum. xxx

    I can’t believe the lies that Belle Gibson has told, absolutely disgusting!

    Lennae xxx


  • Mental illness, personality disorder, no, a psychopath, and one is continuing in her attempts to manipulate people. There will be no remorse, no guilt, just more manipulation

  • This. x

    • PS – It was immensely sad reading about your mum. It really brought it home for me. x

    • She might be diagnosed- hard to say. I spoke to a person that knows her and a couple of people in the psych field who think not. Remains to be seen. Either way, she’s really done wrong.

  • Wonderful post hun. Still I’m shock about the entire thing. What I also don’t get is if people knew she was lying WHY didn’t anyone say anything?! Ugh.

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  • Haidee

    Great post, I agree with your thoughts 100%. As a fellow motherless daughter who lost her mum to breast cancer I am disgusted that someone could think to spread such utter bullshit to the most vulnerable of people. When my mum found out she would have tried anything to turn the tide of the cancer. She did go down the organic route but on top of the chemo and radiotherapy. I just hope to god that there weren’t people out there who denied themselves medical intervention in the belief that what she said was gospel.

  • Deb_BrightandPrecious

    Totally agree. As a person who had cancer (and I blog about it from time to time) this doesn’t even make sense to me. Why would anyone want to make such a horrible experience up? The only answer is that she is not well. I hope she gets the assistance she needs.

    • I really have no idea why anyone would do what she has- awful!