The Marriage Equality plebiscite is still on the horizon.

As well as speaking out against the nay-sayers, people are talking about grassroots campaigns. Some are door-knocking and speaking with their neighbours. Others might hand out fliers. A few people I know are hanging out rainbow bunting or flags. And a few have made their own signs to stick inside windows or on some other part of their home, to show their support and even invite discussion. I like that idea. A nice little sign letting people know that they have your support.

It might make your neighbours feel like they can show support, as well. It might spark conversation or thought. There’s every chance someone will let you know they disagree with you. That’s a thing to remember and think about. Another thing to remember and think about is that the polls have shown that most people agree with marriage equality, so try not to be shocked at the lack of outrage if you choose to display a rainbow at your place.

I made these few postery things that you are free to download and print, if you want to.

Downloadable thingies:

Marriage Equality- love is love

Download LOVE IS LOVE here!

Marriage Equality- vote for equality

Download VOTE FOR EQUALITY here!

Marriage Equality- vote yes, ask me why

Download VOTE YES- ASK ME WHY! here!

Marriage Equality- vote yes

Download VOTE YES here!

If you know someone who’d like a printable, feel free to share this with them!

A bit of reading

There’s a whole bunch of people writing great things about marriage equality and this upcoming plebiscite. Here’s a few links, if you want to know more:

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And possibly my favourite piece of late:

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