This is a follow on from the Top 5 Gifts for Kids I also won’t be buying this festive season.

Some of the stuff marketed towards kids is pretty strange. We’ve seen the poop themed games and plush disease microbes… But have you ever searched specifically for gifts for men? Gender stereotypes aside, some of the stuff marketed as suitable gifts for the man or men in your life is just plain bizarre. Don’t get me wrong, much of it is hysterically funny, too. But these are not things I’d want to hand to a loved one!


Know anyone like this? Ha Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho!

These are the results of a quick online search for unique men’s gifts.

5. Knitted Elephant Underwear


This pair of trunks (he he he!) come with a guarantee that if you don’t smile when you see them, you get your money back. They also promise to be warm and non-itchy and have a “trap-door” opening in the rear and as hilarious as they are, I can’t see myself handing these over to my office Secret Santa or even my husband!

4. Viking Man Costume- Sexy Viktor


This was an unexpected search result. The item description may have lost something in translation, but I’ll let you be the judge:


This would really suit those with a thing for Vikings. I’m not sure how common that is but I can safely say it doesn’t exist in our house!

3. Santa Drinking Hat


This beauty holds 2 cans of drink so you can enjoy “double the refreshment with none of the effort”. I can just see any Santa wearing this making a mess of him or herself at a Christmas do, don’t think I’d be buying this one!

2. Tony Abbott’s Battlelines


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I don’t care how cheap it is! Not buying!! I think if I gave it to my husband, he’d be utterly perplexed. I guess it would do as a door stop?

1. Beard Baubles


These are freaking amazing. I love, love, love them. All profits from them go to Beard Season, which raises funds for Melanoma Research.

However, there are 2 reasons I will not be buying them this Christmas. The first is that they are sold out! So I expect to see beardy men festooned with baubles on every street corner for the next couple of weeks at least! The other reason is that my husband rarely has a beard, much to my dismay!

Have you seen any other crazy gifts directed at men? Or will you be buying one of these?

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