Blogging buddies

One of the coolest things about blogging, for me, has been the people I’ve met while doing it. We’re a weird bunch- extroverts on the screen, we’re not afraid to spout opinions, have a whinge, make a convincing argument or share deeply personal stories and pics for a variety of reasons.

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Does it translate in real life? In my experience, we’re often the most introverted of the extroverts and just need wine time to loosen up. But it’s so much easier when you meet someone you’ve already connected with online. So many people I’ve met through blogging have become real-life mates; we’ve solved the world’s problems while propping up a bar, had weekends away and are always only a click or two away when we need each other. We’ve held each other (literally and figuratively) through grief, stress, health scares and more.

And now, I have to tell you about Bec.

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Buying a house

We bought our house around 18 months ago. I’d been a tenant for many years and to say I was glad to see the back of landlords and property managers would be a vast understatement. Buying a house was a big dream realised; no more uncertainty, no more leases, no more dodgy repairs, no more fighting with agents at the end of lease to get my bond returned. In my own home, I could so many things without anyone else’s permission.

Knock down walls, paint, hang pictures, change stuff around, install things, remove things- whatever the hell I want!


But home ownership is a funny thing and you learn a bit about yourself along the way.

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Talya Goding

A few years ago, through blogging, I became mates with an awesome woman called Talya Goding. Talya was juggling multiple medical conditions, a situation she handled with a rare mixture of raw honesty, strength, vulnerability and grace. She shared her story of living with an ostomy and her cancer story through her blog, Feeling Ostomistic. She even used her experiences to help and support other young people going through similar struggles.


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The sweet, kind, generous, hilarious friend that would make it her business to tell me about crazy vagina products or hit me up with blogger goss. And yesterday morning, I learned that she had passed away in her sleep.

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The impending disappointment that is Mother’s Day

Over the past week or so, the posts and discussions in the various Facebook groups I’m in has narrowed down on today. Not in anticipation of macaroni necklaces and candles from the school Mother’s Day stall, either. Not even in a laughing, what-weird-shit-will-my-family-buy kind of way either. There’s been the expected talk about how hard Mother’s Day will be for some mamas; those newly single, perhaps, or those grieving their own mums or even their own children. Those discussions can break your heart, it’s true. And I am one of those mums who spends this day missing my own.

But another, very common thread that I’m seeing? It’s the entirely avoidable yet absolutely predictable expectation that their partners will do nothing at all to acknowledge the mothers of their children. Continue Reading

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