Pepsi, the parent company of Frito-Lay, have announced that they are developing a new kind of product. Chips, but for women.

Yes, you read that correctly. Chips for women.


Apparently, the Doritos you normally scoff by the bag, coating your fingers in tasty orange dust, are NOT chips for women. We’ve been forced into eating non-female-specific chips for years without even knowing. Call me cynical (because I am) but this reeks of a sexist marketing ploy relying on harmful stereotypes. PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi was interviewed by Freakonomics, where she discussed the upcoming product.

Why Women Need Lady Chips for Women

Apparently, women do not enjoy the crunch associated with chips.


Women do not lick their fingers or eat the crumby, flavoury bits at the bottom of the packet. And Pepsi will also be solving the age-old dilemma of how to carry a snack by making packets that fit in purses. Because being “ladylike” while snacking is what we all strive for. Chips for women, the product we don’t actually need. Or want.

Fuck You, PepsiCo

A less-crunchy chip? Is this your cunning plan to do away with your gross, stale chips? By marketing them as somehow more feminine? No fucking thank you. And women do indeed lick their fingers and eat chips down to the last crumb because, until now, we had no idea we weren’t supposed to.


As for purse-sized, I hope you all didn’t spend too long patting each other’s backs in the boardroom over that idea. Because you’ve been able to buy multi packs of small bags of chips for fucking ever. And they can easily “fit in a purse”, so no dilemma there. Also, I am a grown woman and, like many women my age, my purse could fit a fucking microwave inside it if I needed it too. We carry a huge assortment of stuff with us at all times. Women are resourceful creatures and to be resourceful, you need resources. Like a bag of corn chips.



Say NO to Chips for Women- Sing it with me!

(to the tune of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall)



We don’t need no lady’s chippies

We don’t need no crunch control

No gendered snacks to disappoint us

Pepsi, leave them chips alone

Hey! Pepsi! Leave them chips alone

All in all it’s just another sexist marketing call

All in all you’re just another bunch of Neanderthals

We don’t need no small purse-sized packets

We don’t want no flavour control

No pink-washed snack foods on the shelves

Pepsi, leave those chips alone

Hey! Pepsi! Leave those chips alone

All in all you’re just reinforcing stereotypes that don’t help women at all

All in all you’re just regressive and in need over overhaul

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