Life at home has had me bored. And I’m a grown-up, with internet access, streaming tv and movie services, shelves full of books plus access to my local library’s e-book collection. I can run myself a bath, do exercise, bake to my stomach’s heart’s content, day drink, shop online or any combination of the above! I am dabbling in DIY, trying out craft and getting my garden in shape. But I’m still bored. I miss my friends. And yes, I know I’m very lucky, but I’m still fecking bored. And if I’m bored, kids at home are definitely suffering the same thing. Too young and too broke for online shopping and day drinking, the poor things. So I’ve tried to come up with a bit of a novelty activity to do at home.


Photo Scavenger Hunt

I know my 7 year old is missing her mates terribly. Not just school friends but the children of my mates, who she sees pretty regularly, you know, when we aren’t in the grip of a global pandemic. I racked my brain and scoured the socials for an idea of something they could do together that wasn’t online gaming. Don’t get me wrong, Minecraft has been great, but I wanted something different. So I borrowed ideas from what I’d seen floating around the socials and came up with my own, structured,  photo scavenger hunt for the kids to have a go at. The photos in the header image to this post are some they took during the hunt!


The Verdict:

The inaugural Aunty Amy’s Photo Scavenger Hunt was a success. They all had fun. Even my 15 year old stepson, who was helping his sister, got into it and raced around the house with her. They might have even learned something, I dunno, but they definitely seemed to enjoy themselves!


You will need:

Not much, actually. We did this with 4 families. Each team had 2-3 kids. It suits ages 6+ but I think younger kids could join in with the help of an older sibling or parent. All they need is a smartphone or tablet and the rest are things from around the house. You can fully customise the items they’ll scavenge for. One adult will need to be the point of contact and score keeper. I suggest you use a pen and paper to write down the order that pictures arrive.


How it works:

I held a chaotic FaceTime about 15 minutes before with some excited kids to run through the rules of the Photo Scavenger Hunt. At the appointed start time, send out a group text or email (depending on which you’re using) saying GO! Then each team races to assemble the items from the Photo 1 list and take a picture to send back. They then have to wait for a reply signalling they can go ahead with photo 2, and so on. At the end, each team has ten minutes to put all their items away. This also allows the contact person to go through and add up all the scores.


Customise your Photo Scavenger Hunt

Included in this post is a template you are free to download and use. You can edit it in any way you like. For teens, you might want to make the challenge longer and more difficult. Maybe no one participating has a pet- change it to something else! The possibilities are endless.



This bit is totally up to you. You can send printable certificates, have a pizza delivered to the winners for lunch or each family can do their own thing. I sent out bundles of lollies in the post for the novelty factor. Do whatever suits!


The Template:

Click ⇒Photo-Scavenger-Hunt

This will download a word document that you can edit, customise and share. This version is the one we played. There are 5 photos to be taken, plus a list of bonus point items and the instructions.  Enjoy!

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