Early this morning, I was scrolling through my facebook newsfeed when I saw a post from one of my favourite websites to waste time on- Cake Wrecks. It’s the kind of website that instantly makes me feel better about even my most humble baked offerings. Today’s post was a first birthday cake smash cake and was presented like this:

Image credit (See the “not-censored” version here.)

I must admit, I was surprised by this cake being censored. It’s cake– not real boobs!  But I can imagine that if enough conservative types reported the image, it could shut down their facebook page temporarily, so fair enough.

Out of curiosity, I clicked on the comments to see what the reaction was. It was refreshing to see that many people saw the humour and the association with a breastfed baby. I know my little one would have tried to latch on immediately like she did with her first Barbie doll once she’d got it’s dress off!


What was disappointing was the number of comments that were negative. Yes, I know, I should learn my lesson and stop reading comments! The cost of a curious mind, I guess! I can understand some might find a booby cake a bit crude or unappealing to their sense of humour. However, I can’t understand the people who said such a cake was inappropriate for a child- but more suited to a bachelor’s party.

Yep. The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding children for 2 years and beyond. But breasts are for MEN.


Breasts are for MEN, not for CHILDREN. Not even for WOMEN, despite them being firmly attached to our chests. I’ll leave that with you…


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