I want to tell you about my undies. Not just my regular ones but specifically, the period undies. Ladies reading along, you know what I’m talking about. The undies you wear once a month and at no other time unless you haven’t done the washing and you’re down to the daggy ones reserved specifically for when you’re surfing the crimson wave.


Period Undies.

My collection are dark coloured, cheap and not particularly appealing. As a menstrual cup convert and previous tampon fan, knickers that don’t stain in the event of unexpected leakage are a must. Leakage with a cup isn’t terribly common once you’ve mastered the art of using one. But it is a learning curve and in the interim period (so to speak) it doesn’t hurt to have a little back up. In theory, a cup has to be emptied every 12 hours but it bears mentioning that some women find they made need to empty it a bit more often on heavier days, otherwise it gets slightly biblical; the cup may runneth over. Rare, but it can happen.

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A Bad One-Liner.

However, I, for one, am unwilling to use a cup and a pad at the same time. Seems kind of pointless. I also have a strong aversion to panty liners, for one main reason. It goes back to the time I worked in a pharmacy. A sales rep came in to talk to my boss and I about stocking their panty liners. He (HE- a man!) told us that their marketing strategy involved convincing women that they needed to wear a liner every single day. He said the plan was to convince women, who had existed for centuries quite well without liners, that it was actually unhygienic NOT to wear one. I found this so repulsive, the idea of marketing a disposable product to women by convincing them that their natural state was basically dirty, that I just avoided buying them.

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However, there’s something new on the market and I am well impressed. It turns out, there are period pants out there that are not fugly. That act as a liner might, only better. And they aren’t just for periods.


Have you heard of these? They gifted me a foxy pair of knickers to try out and I have to say, you need to get yourself a pair of these. If you have periods, if you exercise and get a bit sweaty, if you have light bladder leakage (hey, apparently that’s 1 in 3 of us- thanks, childbirth etc!) and if you also like supporting Australian women in business then think about trying a pair out. They have a 30 day returns policy but I don’t think you’ll need it. Modibodi was founded by Sydney woman Kristy Chong, who was tired of underwear that wasn’t up to scratch. Over 18 months was spent developing the solution, which consists of a moisture wicking layer that is also anti-microbial, leak proof and breathable. The development included consulting with over a hundred textile engineers and fibre companies and the result has been subjected to almost a thousand scientific studies. Science undies, yo.



What I love about Modibodi, the product.

ModiBodi sent me a pair of undies to try out. They’re available in different styles and different absorbency levels and are easily the nicest looking underwear I think I’ve ever worn during a period, complete with lacy trim and smooth, appealing fabric (a far cry from my cheap, plain black cotton with the questionable elastic!). I had no issues with leakage at all and they were extremely comfy. If you’re a lucky duck that has light periods, you can even try the undies on their own- no cup, pad or tampon required. To give some perspective, the heavier lining holds the equivalent of two tampons or 2-3 teaspoons of fluid.  I also took the opportunity to get sweaty, taking a 45 minute walk and 30 minute cycle on the exercise bike. That means a fair bit of sweat, guys. Plenty of it. But I didn’t have to throw my knickers in the wash with my shorts and shirt- they were fine. For the breastfeeding mamas, Modibodi also make an absorbent breastfeeding singlet (and maternity knickers so pregnant mamas can sneeze without fear!).

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What I love about Modibodi, the company.

I’m a huge supporter of women starting their own businesses and love the idea of women in tech fields- and that’s exactly what this is. Fash-tech, or fashion technology, is literally utilising technology to improve fashion. If you have your period, like to exercise or have bladder issues, there’s no reason you have to wear daggy knickers or bulky products that also impact the environment.

Modibodi has a range for women of many shapes and sizes and for different needs, from everyday knickers, maternity, active wear and a line for us curvier types and they also have a policy of using real women to model their products- without retouching. To me, this shows a commitment to diversity and a refusal to buy in to the idea that women must conform to often unrealistic expectations. It’s awesome to see women of varied shapes, sizes, ethnicity and age modelling underwear.


Real women. Source: supplied.

Modibodi are also supporters of Share the Dignity, a group dedicated to women in need being able to access sanitary products. Imagine being homeless or living in a shelter without the means to manage your period. Modibodi sell Share the Dignity vouchers, which means buying a pair of their underwear at a discounted rate. These are then provided to women in need. They are also supporters of Days for Girls, an organisation working to ensure all women have access to sanitary products. In some countries, young women without access to this sort of thing miss up to two months of school every year. This is a huge setback for their education and can be solved so simply.

Guys, this is a win-win situation. Whether you’re a person that menstruates, someone who can’t sneeze safely in public, an ethical shopper or a sweaty Betty who lives at the gym- these knickers are for you.

If you want to try them out, you totally should-  use code handbagreview here at the checkout for a 10% discount!

N.B. Discount code is valid until May 20th and cannot be used with any other offer.


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