I read an article a while back that said there were over 152 million blogs on the internet. The article was a couple of years old- by now there are probably shitloads more. Mum blogs, dad blogs, food blogs, fashion blogs, beauty blogs, personal blogs, whatever-the-hell-kind-of-blog this one is and no doubt many more including the ever popular health blog.

Health bloggers are a varied bunch, from green smoothie enthusiasts to vegetarian foodies and fitness bloggers and many more- there are many different pages out there. There are some truly awesome blogs written by doctors, surgeons and other science minded folk that provide a repository of accessible information and debunk common misconceptions or widely circulated false information. There are also great people living with medical conditions who blog to raise awareness and educate and others who share healthy lifestyle tips and recipes that are great resources. Blogger Carly Findlay is an excellent example and has written about this very thing!

Then there is the other, all too prevalent, kind. Quacks and conspirators endorsing all kinds of often wacky views- some of which are down right dangerous.

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