Freelance Writing.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

If you are a Brand Rep or Marketing Guru looking for Sponsored Posts and/or Service and Product Reviews:

I’m probably not the blogger you are looking for UNLESS your product or brand is specifically aimed at women and is something that really stands out in the crowd that will appeal to my audience. I have zero interest in writing articles that are basically advertising copy. If I do write about a product it’s because I’m well impressed with it. Same goes for brands and services- unless I love it, it’s not going to appear here. I realise that might be off-putting for PR people looking for bloggers to work with, but I’ve done sponsored work before and honestly, I just didn’t love the work.

My Audience:

Are mostly women, mostly in their 20’s to their 50’s and if they read regularly, they’re probably feminists with an interest in politics, current events, family stuff and having a laugh.


Yes, I have them. I don’t write for free. Please don’t ask as refusal often offends. Writers cannot pay their bills in “exposure”. Exposure is not a valid currency. If you are are wanting me or any other writer to promote your business, you should have a budget to do so. It is unethical to expect anyone to spend time and effort on your business for no compensation. The average sponsored post will take upwards of 8 hours of my time to draft, polish, publish and promote.

Sponsored posts will be disclosed. Links will be ‘no follow’.

Charitable organisations are my only exception to the rule when it comes to payment. Email me if you want help promoting your charity- especially if it has a focus on helping women in need.

Do I write for product alone? Not usually, but no harm in asking, especially if your product is amazing and something my audience would be interested in.


I don’t host general adverting at this time. No plans to in future. I do not host guest posts or pre-written advertorial articles from companies. The only guest posts I publish are written by writers I know or other trusted sources whose articles appeal to my audience.


If you made it this far and are still interested- email me.

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