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I remember a while ago, when personal blogging was at it’s peak. It wasn’t about promoting products or getting followers; it was about sharing stuff. Your thoughts, ideas, recipes, pictures and all that good content that let you get to know a person. A bunch of bloggers I followed would post regular “taking stock” updates. I’m not sure whose idea it was, but I think it was Pip Lincolne’s blog, Meet Me At Mike’s, where I saw it first. I always felt kinda shy about these posts; why would anyone care what I was reading or thinking about?

But really, every post on this blog has been the result of something I’ve read, watched, thought about or experienced. And I always liked reading other people’s lists, so I figured, why not? I haven’t written much for a while, so it’s kind of a nice, soft way to get back to it.

Taking Stock: a personal stocktake

2020 has been a scary and strange year for most of us, but it’s had it’s nice moments, right? The moments that have been nice for me have been very small and homely. So I thought I’d condense some of them into my own little personal stocktake. I feel like these posts are meant to be done every month or two. I’ve never done one and I’m not going back to the start of my blogging life or anything like that. I am, however, gonna squish in the last 6 months or so. Sorta. So, if you’re a blog reader and used to more succinct lists, bear with me!

A man dons a bear suit

Taking stock: the year so far

Making: Progress in my garden. There’s three kinds of bromeliad, nasturtiums, broccolini, Brussel sprouts, a raised herb garden, An accidental sunflower that sprung up on the lawn, more lemons than I know what to do with and a succulent rock garden along the deck!

4 pictures- the first is a small raised garden bed containing plants, then a rocky garden bed with succulents, then a close up of a large sunflower bloom, then a shot of some bromeliad plants under a lemon tree

Cooking: Marmalade with the lemons and a few oranges from the neighbour’s tree. Orange cake, pumpkin soup, corned beef and all the other warming comfort foods! The slow cooker has had a work out and so has the thermomix.

Drinking: Yes. Nothing too fancy but definitely a beverage or two, here and there. If you can do Dry July this year, of all years, I take my hat off to you. A good friend is doing it, in honour of her partner who passed away far too young from ovarian cancer. While I’m not going alcohol free, I donated to her fundraiser here.

Reading: currently reading The Liar’s Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard, which is not bad at all. A few others read this year that I’d recommend: The Power by Naomi Alderman, You Don’t Know Me by Sara Foster and The Choke by Sophie Laguna.

Wanting: The same thing every rational person wants right now- a breakthrough that means life can resume (hopefully in a better way) without the fear and anxiety around Covid-19.

Looking: At this cool ink drawing my man did for me. How good is he?!

Playing: Up Words. I am undefeated.

Wasting: Less. I got some Of those reusable snap lock bags and I’ve been composting! Feeling smug!
Nicole Ritchie flicks her hair back over her shoulder and smiles in a self satisfied way

Sewing: Okay, nothing. I don’t sew. But I’ve been harassing my kid to work on her year 12 textiles major, so that’s practically the same thing.

Wishing: There was a way to actually reach people mired in conspiracy theories. Thus far, I’ve read a heap of really interesting research but no one seems to have found a solution.

Enjoying: Family movie afternoon. The other day, we watched Top End Wedding on Netflix and it was fantastic. A romantic comedy but with a focus on culture, identity, belonging and community as well. Miranda Tapsell is bloody marvellous.

Waiting: For the next lockdown in NSW.

Liking: How clean my house is. It won’t last, but it’s nice for now.

Still with me? Feel free to pause here and grab another cuppa, there’s a little more taking stock to do 😂

Wondering: When Pete Evans will recognise the irony of railing to his followers about how bad the mainstream media is, when he only has all those followers because the mainstream made him famous as a reality tv food critic. I think Pete might get a post of his own on here soon.

Loving: Sunsets. I’m not sure why but the sunsets have been spectacular lately. And watching my dog sleep. Sometimes he’s snuggled up, other times he’s on his back, legs in the air. Makes me happy to see an ex racer in his rightful place as a loved couch potato.

Hoping: That everyone I know and love stays safe and well.

Marvelling: At these beignets my daughter made.

Beignets. A pile of fried dough lumps covered in powdered sugar.

Needing: Not much, actually, though the car is playing up- eek!

Smelling: At the moment, beignets!

Wearing: Let’s just say there’s a lot to be said for an elastic waistband. I’m also wearing orthotics in my shoes these days, because:

Text screenshot from Facebook that says I am officially I have a podiatrist years old


Noticing: A lot of anti-mask posts coming out of the USA and I just can’t even deal. I can’t. It’s so senseless.

Knowing: I’m lucky to be here in Australia, where Covid-19 isn’t spreading like it is in some other countries. I also know that doesn’t mean we are safe and can resume life as normal.

Thinking: Will this ever end? Will we be able to fix all the other problems in our societies?

Feeling: Rested, yet anxious. Weird combo.

Bookmarking: Lemon recipes. Dear gods, do I have some freaking lemons.

Opening: My fridge. Probably a bit too often. Did I mention elastic waistbands?

Giggling: At some of the shows I’ve been watching.

Futureman: It’s Josh Hutcherson in a very different role to his Hunger Games character- hilarious!

  • Netflix: Community, Schitt’s Creek, Never Have I Ever.
    Stan: Ill Behaviour, Game Face, Catastrophe
  • SBS: Futureman
  • ABC: Rosehaven (season 4 has just started!)

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