This is my friend Robbie:



Robbie is a mum of two fur kids and a self-confessed clean freak. It’s hard to be a clean freak when you have fur kids. Of the two, one in particular is cause for concern when you’re a clean freak.


Boo and Willow

If you guessed the white one to be the problem child, you’re correct. His name is Boo and his hobbies include drooling, slobbering on playing with his toys and eating. While his diet is excellent, thanks to a mum devoted to his nutritional needs, his bowel habits leave much to be desired and he is fully aware of it, poor little guy. Look how ashamed he was after a particularly pungent moment:


The shame!


So when I was sent a pack of Dettol goodies to try out recently, it was Robbie I turned to for advice on how to get the best out of them. I was given hand sanitiser, body wash, cleaning wipes and hand soap with a touch-free dispenser. By the time I’d finished listing them, Robbie herself was practically drooling.

“What shower gel did you get? I love the honey glow one. You got citrus? Oh that’s a good one. They smell awesome. Best thing ever. You’ll feel really fresh and clean. Even your Mary* does. Great stuff.”

With a recommendation like that I had no hesitation in hitting the shower armed with my Dettol body wash. And she was right. Fresh and clean all over!


Clean and fresh all over!


“What about the hand soap? What kind did you get? Oh the citrus? That one smells great. I use it after throwing the kong for Buddy. Cuts right through the dog slobber!”

I don’t have a dog, but I do have a toddler. She’s not slobbery that often but the last few days, there has been a runny nose that gets wiped on hands if the tissues aren’t offered fast enough. The no-touch dispenser is really good for kids to use, too, by the way! Almost too good!


The 26th time we washed our hands that morning!

Robbie assured me that the cleaning wipes were top-notch, as well. She uses them to help sanitise the floor after doggy indiscretions and drool incidents, which are a far bigger problem that I’d realised! Apparently drool can be hard to get off if it dries and it leaves white spots all over your nice timber floors. Who knew?



So I gave them a whirl and she’s right. Kitchen benches, bathroom sinks- anywhere that is prone to getting germy comes up clean easily. They kill almost all the germs that can make you sick like salmonella and E. Coli as well as removing loads of allergens like pollen, dust mites and pet dander- again, another plus for those with fur family.

Speaking of germy, the last product I tried out was the Instant Hand Sanitiser. I’ve since used it on my hands (Robbie says it’s great after playing with the fur kids!) but the first place I used it was on my right foot. See, I got these awesome new shoes:


Dettol Hand Sanitiser- also works on feet!

Then I stepped in some sludgy stuff near a skip bin in an alleyway behind the local fruit and veg and my spunky new Mox flats in Ruby were promptly full of stinky, oozy muck. Meaning my feet were covered with it- *gag*. Tissues and Dettol hand sanitiser came to the rescue and a few minutes later the urge to be sick in the skip bin had passed and my feet were shiny and clean again.

So now, I’ve tried out all the products I was sent and Robbie is preaching to the converted- which we’re pretty happy about!

dettol dance


*Yes, a Mary is exactly what you think it is.

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