New Year, New Me!

That’s how it goes, right? At the start of the year, we humans like to make promises to ourselves about how much better we will become. Turning over a new leaf is the plan every year, but various studies and surveys show that we absolutely suck at sticking to the plan. I did some googling extensive scientific research to find the most common resolutions we make, and break, each year.

Instead of making the same impossible resolutions, let’s try to be realistic. Let’s aim for achievable New Year’s resolutions, just for a change!

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Moving house is always kind of hideous. All that packing, shifting, cleaning- not to mention the money! It costs a bomb in terms of cash and effort, no matter what you do. With that in mind, please extend your sympathies as I move house for the 14th time in 18 years, 2 weeks before Christmas, as a full-time shift worker with zero time off.  Continue Reading

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