In my blog-trawling recently, I came across the news that fellow blogger, Mum-abulous, has written and illustrated her first e-book for kids. She was looking for some feedback so I took her up on it. I had a read and quite enjoyed it. It’s aimed at kids but still has quite a few chuckles for mum and dad. I thought, however, that the best review would be one straight from the target market, so our three eldest put their heads together for a read and review.

In Wish World reviewers

What they do when not reviewing literature

‘In Wish World’, by Brenda Lennon, is a classic fun loving adventure. It is a story of dreams and wishes that do come true.

When Gracie Sue falls into a whole new world full of magic, she is taught that with your imagination dreams can become reality, as she continues to venture into the world of beautiful fairies.

When we first started reading this book we thought it would be another clichéd story of a girl and a fairy but as we continued to read we found we were slowly pulled into the story. It was anything but clichéd! We especially enjoyed the reference to Miley Cyrus’ top hit ‘wrecking ball’. This is a good book for younger ages to read with their parents as some of the language is maybe challenging for younger kids.

When reading ‘In Wish World’ the graphics brought the story to life, weaving a world of colours and friendship. We think Brenda lennon is a very good artist and were shocked to learn this was her first go at illustrating! The vivid descriptions also painted a beautiful picture as the story was brought to a close.

Some of our favourite characters include Milo Serious because of his full of himself attitude and Justine Diva because of her drama queen one.

We also liked how the names of the wish world pop stars related to today’s pop stars. Justine Diva as Justine Bieber and Milo Serious as Miley Cyrus.

We’ve recommended this story to children aged seven and up, as it is a magical and intriguing book. Filled with fun fairy pictures and excitement.


Written by Alex, Jayden and Charlotte.


You can grab your e-copy here, and I recommend you do. Like everything else the fabulous Mum-abulous writes, this is bloody good and your kids will dig it! Read more fab Mum-ab here:



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